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Transmission skill analysis of twin-screw extruder

TIME: 2019-06-19
Share out bonus of twin screw extruder "extrude" with "drive" two big key are some, "extrude component" it is "assure quality" crucial component, "drive component" it is "advance power" and "assure quality" crucial component. Twin-screw skill forward is marked by the renewal of torque distribution box, which shows its importance.
Below, poly small make up to give us a brief introduction of the twin screw extruder transmission skills analysis:
The transmission part is the core part of the twin-screw extruder, just like the engine of a car, which can supply enough power and output enough output value, so the forward extrusion power demand has weak transmission system to supply power. In the twin-screw extruder, the power is expressed through the rotating motion of the screw element, the kinetic energy in the rotating motion is converted into the modified power, the greater the torque, the more materials are transported, that is, the transmission system with high torque demand provides the power, the talent end high output value. According to the current status of extruder work, the transmission system is divided into two typical layout: parallel three-axis gear layout and bilateral symmetrical drive gear layout.