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What kind of function does twin screw extruder have?

TIME: 2019-06-19
Twin screw extruder with single screw extruder principle: solid transport melt supercharging and pumping mixed stripping and transpiration, but not only so. Twin screw extrusion theory research preliminary late, coupled with its type, screw how many shapes disorderly, extruding process disorderly, which brings a lot of difficulties to the research.
In all the discussion of the theory of twin-screw extruder is still at the initial stage, this is called "art than science." from its extrusion process of the discussion, some points three links: polymer in the extrusion process of state changes to the rules, the principle of carrying solid melt transport exhaust details and rules, establish mathematical physical model, used for guidance of twin screw extruder planning and extrusion process optimization.
It is necessary to find out the real situation of physical state modification of two or more polymers and materials in the extrusion process, the mixing shape, the process of structure modification, and the relation between the final mixture and function. As a twin-screw extruder, the relationship between reaction process, speed, function, screw configuration and operation conditions during extrusion reaction forming is established to guide reaction forming extrusion.