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Triple screw extruder

Product description: Compared with twin-screw extruder, tri-screw extruder has longer residence time, stronger mixing performance and lower energy consumption.
Tri-screw extruder is the new compounding machine depending on the double screw extruder .the screw was placing as one horizontal line and converting triangle shape. They have the following advantage.
1) Less energy consumption
2) Better venting for the materials
3) Better compounding and less L/D can adapt high dispersion demand
4) Capacity can be higher than normal

No.ModelScrew speedDiameterL/DPowerCapacity
1TRE-52600 rpm51.4mm36-5290kW300-1000kg/h
2TRE-65600 rpm62.4mm36-52132kW450-1000kg/h
3TRE-75600 rpm71 mm36-52220kW1000-3000kg/h