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Under water pelletizing system

In polymer processing, under pelletizing system is the newest granulation form at present, it is the ultimate solution for water cooling strand pelletizing line、water-ring granulation and so on.
Nanjing Dart extrusion machinery co.,LTD has wally team for under water pelletizing system, absorbing new advanced technology fully, long-term research and development bring us new technological innovations, the quality and technological level of products domestic leading position.
About dart under water pelletizing system, not only applying to thermoplastic, but also being suitable for all thermoplastic polymers.
Control device:
The UW underwater granulation control device is designed to completely control the polymer processing device. Each component used is of high quality for optimal control and safe operation. The device can be manufactured according to the additional requirements of the customer.
Polymer three-way valve:
Polymer tridirectional valves are diverted from upstream devices, such as polymer melted by a extruder or gear pump, to a downstream filter switch or die.
Die head:
Die design has a significant impact on the shape, quality and uniformity of particles. Each die is designed according to the specific needs of the customer, and this design is based on Dalit's experience in recording hundreds of granulation systems and thousands of different materials in the field.
Cutting blade:
Cutting blade is the product of many years of experience, and is designed to achieve the ultimate purpose of the customer. Various operating conditions have an impact on the choice of cutting blade and blade geometry.

Die hole dia(mm)0.5-4.00.5-4.02.0-4.02.0-4.02.0-4.02.0-4.02.0-4.0
Cutter power(kw)2.24-5.55.5-7.55.5-7.57.5-111115
Cutter adjustmentManual             Manual or PneumaticManual and Pneumatic