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How to clean the screw of twin screw extruder

TIME: 2019-06-19
1. Heat the forming temperature of residual materials from the drum to the drum;
2. After heating up to the molding temperature, remove the machine head while hot, and sort out the materials at the hole end and screw end of the machine barrel;
3. Close the power supply and remove the pressure and temperature measuring elements and heater on the machine head;
4, loosen the two sleeve coupling, according to the screw shaft end set screw type, observe and remember the spline and mark of the end of the two screw;
5, remove the two screw head set screw, pay attention to the left-handed screw, use the screw to remove the special tool, the two screw slowly out of a section, and use copper wire brush or copper shovel to quickly remove the screw surface materials hot;
6, the screw all out, flat on the board, remove the screw to open the tool, take advantage of the heat to remove and organize the screw components, if the material infiltration of the screw spindle causes the screw components to open difficult, can use wood hammer or copper bar along the screw components quietly knock around, loose after taking out the components. If still take out difficulty, it is necessary to put into machine tube heating afresh, wait for material to melt hind to be able to take advantage of hot unload.