Electrical and mechanical basic knowledge guidance

Electrical and mechanical basic knowledge guidance:
First, basic knowledge of electric power safety
(1) to understand the basic components of the power system (primary system and secondary system), the operation characteristics of the power system, the characteristics of power system accidents and their impacts; (2) be familiar with power safety mechanism and meaning (personal safety, power grid safety, equipment safety);
(3) to master the content of safe production of electric power.
Second, the power enterprise safety evaluation and the operation site danger point analysis
(I) understand the basic concepts of safety evaluation;
(2) master the basic points of hazard point analysis and control of production accidents;
(3) to master the content, process, key points and effects of the safety evaluation of power enterprises;
(iv) master the basic concepts and functions of hazard point analysis, control the work contents and steps of hazard point analysis that evolve into accidents, and analyze examples of hazard point. Investigation of power production accidents
(1) to understand the principles of investigation of electric power safety accidents;
(2) be familiar with the division and definition of personal accident, power grid accident and equipment accident, and the system of accident report, investigation, statistics, assessment and information feedback. Hejian xinnian electrical machinery co., LTD. Is a professional factory which is mainly engaged in electric wire, cable, electrical machinery and manufacturing with more than ten years of production history. More than ten years later, we have established a comprehensive system of design, production, quality control and supporting services, and continue to improve these systems in the development of the enterprise, making the collaboration between the systems more closely. We have been committed to the concept of product technology constantly updated, to keep pace with The Times, constantly absorbing the cable industry emerged new material, new technology and new technology, and constantly improve the staff's quality system and the company's technology and equipment, let us have more and more widely, more and more excellent processing capability, so that our products both from a technical leading part, or from quality continued to work toward the defence of the optimization. So far, our main products are: cabling machine series, the series of casing warping machine, fork stranding machine series, the series of cage warping machine, tube stranding machine series and so on all sorts of electrical machinery and equipment, but we are still strive to provide more perfect and considerate service for each domain, and together with them, as much as possible to solve all the difficult problems encountered in field production.