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  • Twin screw extruder

    Parallel twin screw extruder, suitable for plastic mixing, modification, filling, reinforcement, etc

  • Tri-screw extruder

    The three-screw extruder has longer residence time, better mixing performance

  • Under water pelletizing system

    The control device of UW underwater granulator is designed to fully control the polymer handling device

  • Continuous compact extruder

    Continuous mixer granulator has excellent performance, high efficiency and stability.

  • Mixing system

    Mixing system divided into: high-speed mixer mixing, weightless feeding system

  • Granulation system

    Various granulation systems can meet the needs of different materials

  • Extruder accessories

    A variety of structural auxiliary parts meet the requirements of different processes of various materials

  • Electrical cabinet

    Electric cabinet operation, intelligent control, simple operation, meet all kinds of needs