Core shaft

Product introduction

Fixed mandrel, different structure, different force, different gear coordination.Installation methods are also different.Generally there are two kinds of fit: sliding fit and interference fit.Slip fit: for example, slip gear, aim the shaft at the position and Angle and push it in gently.Interference fit: when the interference amount is small, hammer can be used to hit the shaft end to drive the shaft.Before striking, cover the shaft end with other objects to prevent the shaft end from being damaged.
Large amount of interference, can be used to press the shaft.If there is no hydraulic press, with the help of some steel plates at hand, large bolts and so on, quickly make a temporary tool, with the help of screw force increase the role of the shaft into or push into gear.
Large interference: can be used heating method (eddy current heating and other ways), gear thermal expansion, can easily push the shaft, or in turn the shaft cooling contraction, and then push in.
Either way, remove burrs, dirt, and lube before assembly.