Air-cooling strand pelletizing line

Product introduction

Suitable for material with high filling masterbatch, starch degradation material, etc
A. For high filler masterbatch :PE/PP/EVA, + Caco3, Tio2, talc, carbon black, etc. 
B. is used for fiber reinforced: PP/PA/PBT/ABS/AS/POM/PPS/PET/PC + glass fiber, carbon black; 
PE = 85% Caco3.Including high-speed mixer for mixing PE+85% Caco3+ addiction;Screw loader for material loading;Extruder;Air-cooled hot surface cutting granulator tube for cooling and cutting;  
PP + 70% Caco3.High-speed mixer for mixing PE® Caco3+ addictive agent;A screw loader for loading materials and an extruder for extruding;Water ring hot surface cutting granulation line, used for cooling and granulation;   
Glass fiber reinforced: PP/PA/PA66/PA6+ glass fiber, with lateral feed