Tandem pelletizing system

Product introduction

Product introduction: double-stage units, production of various cable materials: PVC cable materials, low smoke halogen-free cable materials, silane cross-linked cable materials, etc.
First stage is TE co-rotating twin screw extruder, the second is low speed rotating single screw extruder. To combine both extruders together and completely used for heat-senstive materials peleltizing, devolatilization operation and direct forming extrusion.
Twin screw extruder has excellent plastizing, compounding and dispersion. Over-heating and over-shearing can be solved without the die back-pressure. Single screw extruders can cool the melt and extrude them in low speed and low temperature without degrade.  
Take advantage of the twin screw extruder and the single screw extruder and increase the operation variables and capacity.
   All kinds cable pelletizing: PVC, LSFH, cross-linking cable.
   Wood plastic compounding

Model Diameter(mm) L/D Speed(Rpm) Power(kW) Capacity(kg/h)
TS50-120 TE-50 50.5 24-48 500 37/45 100-300
SE-120 120 7-20 85 30/37
TS65-150 TE-65 62.4 24-48 500 55/75 200-500
SE-150 150 7-20 85 37/45
TS75-180 TE-75 71 24-48 500 90/110 400-800
SE-180 180 7-20 85 45/55
TS95-200 TE-95 93 24-48 400 200/250 700-1500
SE-200 200 7-20 85 55/75